Wyre Forest Study Group


March, 2020

Ladybird – Nephus quadrimaculatus


Liam Crowley spotted 2 of these tiny ladybirds Nephus quadrimaculatus on the ivy in his back garden on 22nd March 2020. As these beetles measure only 1.5 – 2mm he did well to photograph it. These beetles must be easily overlooked, and you need good eyesight to see them!

Nephus quadrimaculatus occurs throughout most of Europe but it appears to have increased its range and abundance in the U.K. over the last decade or so.

In keeping with most ladybirds, Nephus quadrimaculatus feeds on aphids, mealybugs and other scale insects. In the U.K. it is often associated with ivy (Hedera helix).







Ladybird - Nephus quadrimaculatus - Liam Crowley

Ladybird – Nephus quadrimaculatus

Photograph by – Liam Crowley
22 March 2020