Wyre Forest Study Group – Flowering Plants Gallery

Wyre Forest Flowering Plants

No forest is complete without its rich tapestry of wildflowers, flowering shrubs, and trees. The Wyre Forest doesn’t disappoint. The passage of the changing seasons is traced out by the succession of woodland flowers and trees in synchronisation with the delights of flowers of the meadows and forest rides.

The forest is home to some specialist and famous species such as the Whitty Pear and the distinctive spikes of the Narrow-leaved Helleborine.

But who could fail to become almost intoxicated by the heady scent of Bluebells in early spring accompanied by the gentle sounds of the Bee-fly as it visits the vivid flowers of the Primrose,  providing the spring ‘Trumpet Voluntary’ for the visitor?   

The Wyre Forest Study Group have been recording and mapping the succession of plant species within the forest in order to try to understand the ebb and flow of species past and present as well as to record the arrival of new species. 


This gallery will be updated and added to regularly. We would love to be able include members’ photographs too. So if you have any photographs within your own personal collection that were taken within the local area of the Wyre Forest and you would like to see them displayed within these pages, just let us know.

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