Wyre Forest Study Group

12 May, 2024

Swifts nesting in the eaves!


Mike Averill fitted a swift nesting box (complete with camera) on the side of his house in 2023. Very quickly, to his surprise, a pair of Swifts were keen to occupy it. There was even an attempt to lay eggs and raise young. Unfortunately, this attempt was unsuccessful. Mike thinks that the pair were probably inexperienced.

Mike’s records show that the Swifts returned to the local area in the last week of April this year. This was a very welcome sight given the terrible tales of difficult journeys that Swifts have had returning from Africa, where they migrate for the winter.

The nesting box was occupied again on 12th May. Mike is hopeful that this pair are the same birds that used the swift nesting box in 2023 and that they will be successful in raising chicks this year. We can only envy Mike’s front seat row, as he continues to observe these amazing birds via his remote camera.






Swifts - Apus apus - in nesting box

Swifts – Apus apus – in nesting box.

Photograph by – Mike Averill